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Our past, present and future

Belco Custom Trailers specialises in purpose-built trailers for the public, marine, commercial and industrial sectors, offering unmatched reliability and long-lasting performance in the toughest of conditions.

We’re proud to have been a trusted name in Australian-built custom trailers for over thirty years, with an unmatched reputation for rugged design, quality manufacturing and world-class customer service.

Belco is at the forefront of custom trailer design and innovation

Belco has undergone a remarkable evolution since owners Neil and Sonya Newnham took control of the business. We have expanded and specialized to include an even greater range of custom-designed trailers, built to ever-improving levels of quality and durability.

We remain a leader in trailer design and manufacture and a benchmark for the innovation and product improvement required to continually fulfill our clients’ diverse needs.

We continue to pursue positive change in both our products and our operations, and are confident that this commitment to modernization will keep us at the forefront of the Australian trailer industry for years to come.

What makes a trailer a Belco?

Anyone who has used a trailer in heavy conditions will know that not all trailers are created equal. This is where Belco excels – our trailers are built to last, no matter what you put them through.

No two Belco trailers are the same

No two loads are the same, so why should their trailers be? Belco does not mass produce trailers. We build each trailer to your exact specifications, depending on the job it needs to do. Each new trailer goes through a rigorous custom-order process where you can specify exactly what you want and need.

Built to last longer

If you’re doing serious hauling, you need a trailer you know you can trust. Small differences in design and construction can make a lot of difference. If you had to choose between 2mm or 3mm tray construction, which would you want? Our trailers last longer because we use beefier materials and construction techniques and higher-quality parts.

Nothing is impossible

Our clients come to us because we never say, “It can’t be done”. We say, “When do you need it?”

Specific problems require specific solutions and Belco is the answer to delivering what you want.

Constantly evolving to be better

You can’t create change without yourself changing. We don’t design trailers and then stock the same product for years or decades. Every new trailer is built to the latest technical standards. With every new development in bearings, brakes, suspension, parts and manufacturing techniques, we’re there.

Certified and fit for purpose

All our trailers come with an operational checklist, a manual and where necessary, Risk Analysis documents, Engineer’s Certifications and any other documentation needed, to get your trailer operational.

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