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Heavy duty equipment trailer carrying a road-roller, skid-steer and attachments.
Side-view of a purpose-built truck body with multiple storeage compartments/
Four small flatbed trailers mounted with large solar panels.

We Manufacture

Need a trailer in your fleet that will do the job properly, be durable enough to stand the test of time and keep your team safe?

Whether you need to move a Bobcat, mower or ATV, lay cable, build roads, maintain equipment or provide site caravans for roadside staff we can customise your commercial trailer so it is fit for purpose and meets all your WH&S and compliance requirements.

We are trusted by the Government and Councils to build their fleets and provide them with spare parts to ensure their trailers are roadworthy at all times. The fact that our trailers last longer and they are built to required specification is a big reason why Belco is the preferred trailer supplier for so many Councils across Australia.

Fleet Trailer Parts

We keep stock of the spare parts you need to keep your fleet trailers maintained and operational at all times.

The parts we stock are the same parst we use to manufacture and maintain our trailers. That’s how we assure quality.

Spare Parts include:
Bearings | U-Bolts | Couplings | Bushes | Wheels | Hubs | Rollers | Towball Mounts | Chains

Four water tank trailers featuring large storage boxes at the front
Informational image about trailer repair and maintenance

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How We Help

We manufacture multiple trailer styles for Council and Utility departments. No matter what kind of trailer is required, our team can design and engineer a trailer built for purpose, to haul a load of any kind.


Problem Government departments have strict requirements for their fleet to be replaced every 10 years to comply with stringent WH&S regulations. They also often have the requirement for new types of trailers to be commissioned to help deliver operational and onsite tasks.

Solution At Belco we work with Government departments to develop their commercial trailers on a planned schedule arrangement, which assures them that they will be able to have their trailers in time for new seasonal and planned works. We provide advice on the design and engineering to ensure the trailer fits the requirements & components necessary for the job whilst complying with OH&S for their staff.

Council flat bed trailer connected to a truck in the Belco driveway
Utility Companies

Problem Utility companies work in a similar way to our local Councils and Government agencies. They require regular maintenance on their commercial trailers and sometimes need trailers engineered fit for purpose too.

Solution With the regular maintenance option, a planned maintenance schedule is required to ensure the ongoing and roadworthiness of the trailers used. However we also provide an on-demand service, conducting same day servicing with the option of collection and delivery on occasion to ensure we can assist them with little to no downtime for their equipment. Less downtime  means less money wasted with teams of people and vehicles unable to complete important tasks.

Council excavator on a Belco aluminium plant trailer

We know that it is important to understand how your specifically designed trailer works. We also know that Government and utility companies have multiple people working with these trailers on any given day, so you cannot rely on one person to pass on the information. We have created an induction checklist and warranty booklet so your maintenance team know what to do in the event of normal wear and tear your trailers may experience.

We also offer an induction for the staff at the depot to ensure all of their employees are aware of how to utilise the commercial trailer safely.

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