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The simple fact is that you cannot use an unroadworthy trailer

At Belco:

  • We fix unroadworthy/damaged trailers
  • We will do insurance repairs on your trailer
  • We can show you how to maintain your own trailer
  • We keep a stock of spare parts & components
  • Bearing services

Roadworthy Inspection Agent

We conduct roadworthy and HVRAS inspections as a Queensland Department of Transport agent.

Trailer Safety Certificates

All trailer safety certificate checks are performed to Belco’s renowned standards and any work required to get your trailer roadworthy can be performed in our world-class factory.

Your approved examiner will check for compliance throughout your trailer, including:

  • Tyre condition
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Body rust or damage
  • Lights and electrics
  • Couplings and towbar
  • Compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADR)
  • Manufacturer’s plate attached

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Spare Parts

We keep stock of the spare parts you need to keep your trailer beautifully maintained and on the road at all times.

We stock the parts we use to manufacture and maintain our trailers. That’s how we maintain our quality.

Spare Parts include:
Bearings | U-Bolts | Couplings | Bushes | Wheels | Hubs | Rollers | Towball Mounts | Chains

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