Wind turbines in the Australian outback

The 2021 Australian Energy Statistics for electricity generation shows that 24 per cent of Australia’s electricity came from renewable energy last year, up from 21 per cent in 2019.

South Australia accounts for a whopping 29% of all wind energy generated in Australia.

This increase is driven by a boom in solar installation which sits at 42%, and South Australia’s huge efforts in the Wind Energy sector.

We can see that Australia is definitely moving in the right direction in regards to renewable energy, but we have a long way to go.

Ref: Australian Energy Update 2021

Renewable Energy Statistics

Equipped to support Australia’s clean energy goal

Over the next 10 years as we move towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9 (Affordable & Clean Energy) and a mostly renewable energy target in Australia, we will see kilometers of wind farms and solar farms being installed across our vast land.

This will require large teams of people and equipment to manage the roll out of this infrastructure, and the cables that connect energy to the grid.

Large-scale solar and wind projects such as these, often require a fleet of equipment trailers to move heavy machinery, and cable jinker trailers that enable the safe and rapid installation of cables over large distances.

As a proud Australian manufacturer of cable jinkers and trailers capable of managing the rugged Australian terrain, we are well-equipped to supply a range of built-to-spec trailers that are both fit for purpose and engineered for safety.

This is what we do best. This is our core purpose and we are renowned for our capability and quality in this space.

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