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Offroad caravan outside Belco Custom Trailers' factory
3 bay galvanised motorbike trailer, loaded with two road bikes - a blue Suzuki and a green Kawasaki.
Box camper trailer in a field with trees

We Manufacture

Recreational Trailers

Built to last

Belco trailers are specifically designed and built to withstand the rigours of extended outdoor use, especially in our harsh Aussie conditions.

Built for you

We manufacture trailers specifically for you. There are no off-the-shelf  trailers in our factory. We will design your trailer to suit your needs, taking into consideration any height, width, length and destination requirements.

Spare Parts

We keep stock of the spare parts you need to keep your trailer beautifully maintained and on the road at all times.

We only stock the parts we use to manufacture and maintain our trailers. That’s how we maintain our quality.

Spare Parts include:
Bearings | U-Bolts | Couplings | Bushes | Wheels | Hubs | Rollers | Towball Mounts | Chains

An off-road caravan with a heavy-duty chassis built by Belco

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Case Study

Off-Road Caravan Chassis

Sunshine Coast local Kurt had a dream to build his own offroad caravan but needed to locate someone to manufacture the chassis for him. Kurt asked around for a recommended chassis builder – he found that there were some companies who were making trailers for cars but none were making trailers or chassis for caravans. Then Vanglass, who were building the sides of the caravan referred him to Belco. A couple of other people verified this by also recommending Belco to Kurt too, so he made an
appointment and went to see them.

“I really liked Neil’s approach, he looked at my design and we discussed things like weight loading and airbag suspension because I really wasn’t 100% sure on what I should have. Neil gave me a weight loading chart and talked me through what I needed. I didn’t know how much the steel would weigh when I put the body on, but it came out pretty close to what I calculated, but I was glad to have had Neil’s advice.”

“Belco provided me with a quote and we settled on the design. The final design ended up being close to my original idea, with a few minor changes.”

“One of the things I liked the most, was that I was welcome at the Belco workshop whilst the manufacturing process was being undertaken. The Belco crew really made me feel like part of the team. It certainly made signing off on any minor changes much smoother.”

“Neil was absolutely confident that he could make my caravan chassis in the timeframe and within the budget he had set, and he did. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the end product.“

An offroad caravan built on a custom chassis built by Belco..
Offroad caravan parked on a, outback road with Uluru in the background
Landcruiser and caravan parked in a camping area.
4wd and caravan parked in the side of a country road.

Kurt’s goal was to have a very strong offroad chassis built so he could have a lightweight caravan with the maximum strength and this is just what he got. He cannot fault the chassis, in fact, Kurt stated that “I have had other off-road caravans before such as a Bushtracker and a Coromal but this one is the best design and by far the strongest I have had.”

On a recent trip from the Sunny Coast to the red centre, Kurt said that his first long haul off-road trip was a huge success and the caravan towed perfectly. The van overall is heaps better, lighter and better insulated than any other van he has had.

One of the things Kurt did was to make a wooden jig of the van body before he designed the chassis so he knew exactly what the chassis needed to be designed like, it helped him to go to Belco with a really good idea of what he wanted, then Belco helped him to refine the idea through the engineering side of things opposed to a whole kit ‘n’ caboodle.

Kurt said that he really enjoyed the process of working with Belco to get the chassis he wanted and that working with the Belco team was fantastic. “They are a really nice family business, really friendly and they made sure I got what I wanted, I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a customised chassis”.

A bare-bones view of a well-built caravan chassis.
“Neil was absolutely confident that he could make my caravan chassis in the timeframe and within the budget he had set, and he did. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the end product.“
Offroad caravan under construction.
Offroad caravan drawings
More offroad trailer diagrams.
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