Aussie-Built trailers to suit even the harshest environment

Tandem-axle flatbed trailer with large water tank mounted at the front.
Heavy duty equipment trailer carrying a road-roller, skid-steer and attachments.
A large, galvanised platform with checkplate storage boxes and yellow safety steps

We Manufacture

Being located in a regional area should not prevent you from getting access to the best solutions for your agricultural needs. Belco can help you to move equipment, feed, people and animals around with our ability to customise you a trailer fit for purpose.

Whether you need a generator on site, large machinery moved around your farm or just a better way to manage your agricultural maintenance, we can help design your trailer so you get exactly what you need without the need to  compromise.

We use thicker steel and we use only the best checker plate metal. We ensure that our welds are true and strong before any trailer leaves the workshop.

Spare Parts

Our range of spare parts will help you to maintain your Belco commercial trailer so it continually operates and has an extensive lifespan.

We stock the parts we use to manufacture and maintain our trailers. That’s how we maintain our quality.

Spare Parts include:
Bearings | U-Bolts | Couplings | Bushes | Wheels | Hubs | Rollers | Towball Mounts | Chains

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A tandem axle flatbed trailer mounted with a large generator.
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