Did you know that you should service your trailer just like you service your vehicle?

The running gear under your trailer is just as important as the running gear under your vehicle but generally because we do not use our trailers often we tend to put off or forget that they need to be serviced and maintained.

At Belco we advise all our customers to service their trailers at least every 12 months for general use and 6 months for high use.

Belco does all your trailer servicing.

If you would like a service on your trailer give Belco a call on 07 3490 4500 to book it in.

Single axle trailers with standard Ford or Holden bearings – $189.00

Tandem Axle trailers with standard Ford or Holden bearings – $360.00

Trailer service includes:

Change of bearings – NOT just a check and repack
Check of brakes, bushes, brake pads and suspension components
Check of all wiring, lights etc.
Check of all nuts and bolts for wear and tear and rust
Check of tyre wear
Check for excessive rust
Check over all moving parts for ease of use and excessive wear
Check for compliance of Queensland Transport requirements.

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