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With a vast area to cover, we understand that managing a solar or wind farm can have its challenges. The renewable energy sector is responsible for a growing amount of Australia’s energy today and as that sector grows the demand will only increase,
so we get that you have a big job to do and downtime is not an option, so you need equipment that helps you to develop and maintain your facilities and fast.

Hauling heavy cable can be cumbersome and difficult, but not with a Belco trailer. Our hydraulic remote controlled trailers take the pain out of laying cables. From 1.5T through to 20T capacity, our Jinkers can take various size cable rolls, they have remote controlled operations and can be road trained enabling you to lay cable quicker.

Now the energy created can be transported to the grid with ease, all thanks to our ability to manufacture cable laying tools that are faster and smarter than any other jinker trailers on the market.

Spare Parts

We keep stock of the spare parts you need to keep your trailer beautifully maintained and on the road at all times.

We only stock the parts we use to manufacture and maintain our trailers. That’s how we maintain our quality.

Spare Parts include:
Bearings | U-Bolts | Couplings | Bushes | Wheels | Hubs | Rollers | Towball Mounts | Chains

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Case Study

Some of our previous Jinker trailer customers have had similar problems to solve. They all needed a cost-effective way to carry & use multiple weights, sizes and quantities of cable drums.

With a lot of cable to lay and a long way to haul the load, the cable reel needed to be secured and the trailers had to be capable of traveling over sometimes quite rough terrain.

We designed, engineered and manufactured a remote controlled, adjustable trailer that streamlined their cable laying process.

Because we know that in Australia safety is of the utmost importance, we provide safety manuals with operating instructions, specific to each trailer. As an added value, we can arrange on-site assistance for our Jinker customers.

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