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Bike and Buggy Trailers

Three bay bike trailer, loaded with two road bikes.

Our bike and buggy trailers offer unmatched stability and protection

Built to your exact specifications to perfectly fit the bikes or buggy you’re transporting, our trailers provide unmatched stability and protection.

You also have the option of choosing the specific features you want, from ramp configuration to cages, enclosures, tool boxes and more.

Bike and Buggy Trailers For Sale

Galvanised motorbike trailer carrying two road bikes

Standard Bike Trailers

Our standard bike trailer features a heavy-duty checker plate floor and can carry your choice of two road bikes, three dirt bikes or a combination.

With under-floor ramps for easy loading and a huge selection of options to choose from, these motorbike trailers are an ideal choice for any bike enthusiast.

White, enclosed motorbike trailer with alloy wheels.

Enclosed Bike Trailers

For protection against the elements and safe transit, Belco has designed a range of Enclosed Bike Trailers to accommodate either 2 road bikes or 3 dirt bikes.

Our Enclosed Bike Trailers feature gas strut-assisted pop tops and full drop-down tailgates for easy loading, as well as polished alloy wheels, LED lights, and of course Belco’s renowned build quality.

Blue bike camper trailer with two red dirt bikes and the erected tent with annex.

Bike Camper Trailers

Belco Bike Camper Trailers are purpose-built to safely transport your bikes with the camper itself, saving space and eliminating the need for a second trailer.

Along with Belco’s famous rugged construction and reliability, there are countless extras and upgrades available, including alloy boxes, stone guards, water tanks and more.

Image of a golf buggy trailer, built by Belco in Brisbane.

Golf Buggy Trailers

Belco Golf Buggy Trailers were designed as a dual-purpose option for golf buggy owners. Doubling up as both a buggy trailer and standard box trailer, they offer the best of both worlds.

Built to Belco’s renowned standards for toughness and durability, our Golf Buggy Trailers feature low sides, a tipping mechanism and a long drawbar for ease of backing.

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