Custom-built flatbed trailer with front and rear loading ramps

Flatbed Trailers

Belco designs and custom builds flatbed trailers with lengths ranging from 2.4 metres to 10 metres, and capacities from 1.5 tonnes to 30 tonnes ATM.

Your choice of over-ride mechanical, electric or air brakes will help to bring your flatbed trailer and load to a safe stop.

Features such as non-slip flooring, steps and hand rails can be added for additional user safety. In fact, with a custom flatbed trailer from Belco, you can have all the features you need.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve included some of our previous builds below.

If you have a different kind of flat top trailer in mind, give us a call. We’d love to build it for you.

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Custom Flatbed Trailers For Sale

There are many types of flatbed trailers for sale, as they are one of the most versatile trailer designs on the market.

The stand-out feature of all flatbed trailers is the large surface area of the trailer deck.

Having a flat top without impeding wheel arches means the trailer can carry wider loads including: plant equipment, generators, signage and pallets, just to name a few.

Depending on the type of load you’re going to tow, you can buy a flatbed trailer with additional features such as a beaver-tail for easier loading of heavy plant equipment, framework for carrying lengthy materials, or safety equipment that helps workers get on and off the trailer.

When you buy a flatbed trailer from Belco, we’ll collaborate with you to ensure you get the right trailer for your needs.

3.4mtr Flatbed Mower Trailer

This flatbed mower trailer is used by a football association to transport their zero-turn mower to various club fields.

Features & Specifications

  • 1700kg ATM
  • 3.4mtrs (L) x 2.3mtrs (W)
  • Expanded mesh floor and ramps
  • 6 leaf slipper suspension
  • 10″ electric drum brakes
  • Light truck wheels and tyres
  • Swing-up jockey wheel
  • Tilt function
  • Tie rails
  • LED lights
  • 7 pin flat trailer plug

3.6mtr Tandem Axle Flat Top Tipper

This 3.6mtr tandem axle flat top tipper trailer is used for dumping old ceiling materials and carrying new ceiling products.

Features & Specifications

  • 3500kg ATM
  • 3.6mtrs (L) x 1.8mtrs (W)
  • 3mm plain panel floor
  • 400mm drop sides
  • Full-length tie rails
  • Removeable ladder racks
  • Hydraulic lift kit
  • Rocker roller suspension
  • 10″ electric drum brakes
  • Light truck wheels and tyres
  • Bulldog trailer jack
  • LED lights

12×7 Flatbed Tipper with Cage

This 12×7 flatbed tipper trailer with removable sides and cage is used for building and property maintenance.

Features & Specifications

  • 3500kg ATM
  • 12ft (L) x 7ft (W)
  • 2.1mm checkerplate floor
  • Load sharing suspension
  • 12″ electric drum brakes
  • Light-commercial wheels and tyres
  • Two-way tailgate
  • Tie-down rails on two sides
  • 600mm removable cage
  • Ladder rack tabs
  • Side-steps for easy access
  • LED lights
  • Swing-up offroad jockey wheel
  • Wireless, remote tipping function

3.5t Flat Top Tipper with Cage

This 3.5 tonne flat top trailer with hydraulic tipping function includes additional safety features for use by a local council.

Features & Specifications

  • 3500kg ATM
  • 4mtrs (L) x 2.2mtrs (W)
  • 2.1mm checkerplate floor and guards
  • 7 leaf Ridemaster suspension
  • 12″ hydraulic disc brakes w/controller kit
  • 12 ton swivel coupling
  • Machinery loading ramps
  • 7 pin large round trailer plug
  • LED lights

6mtr Flatbed Trailer

This 6mtr flatbed trailer is used to transport party and event hire equipment for a Brisbane-based rental company.

Features & Specifications

  • 4500kg ATM
  • 6mtr (L) x 2.5mtr (W)
  • 2.1mm checkerplate floor
  • Full-length tie rails
  • 2t Bulldog leg jack stand
  • Pintle ring coupling
  • 12″ Electric drum brakes
  • Ridemaster loadshare suspension
  • 8-leaf King springs
  • 7 pin large round trailer plug
  • LED tail and marker lights

9t Flatbed with Beaver Tail

This 9 tonne flatbed trailer with beaver tail and loading ramps is used by a regional council in central Queensland.

Features & Specifications

  • 9000kg ATM
  • 7mtr (L) x 2.5mtr (W)
  • 3mm checkerplate floor
  • Twin 80t landing legs
  • Pintle ring coupling
  • Air brakes with ABS and EBS
  • Expanded mesh ramps with spring-assist
  • Easy-access steps and hand rails
  • Large under-tray toolbox
  • 7 pin large round trailer plug
  • LED tail lights

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