A Belco golf buggy trailer featuring a loading ramp and tie down rails.

Belco Golf Cart Trailers

Make light work of getting your cart to and from the course with a Belco golf cart trailer.

Most box trailers are too high to drive your cart onto safely, and using separate ramps also increases your risk of injury.

The solution to this is Belco’s dual-purpose golf cart trailers.

These trailers are lower than a standard box trailer and feature a quick-release tilt function to improve the entry angle.

The one-piece tailgate also doubles as a ramp, so loading and unloading your cart is quicker, easier, and safer. 

Need a custom golf buggy trailer?

When you need a custom solution for transporting your golf buggy, Belco is the right choice. With over thirty years of custom trailer building experience, you’ll receive the right information, a quality product, and a buggy trailer that perfectly suits your needs.

Trailers for Golf Carts and Buggies

Our trailers for golf carts and buggies come in various sizes to suit two seater, four seater, and six seater utility carts.

Each trailer is built to stringent quality guidelines and standards, so you can transport your cart with peace of mind knowing your trailer won’t let you down.

In addition to transporting golf carts and buggies, our standard cart trailer also doubles as a box trailer. So you get the best of both worlds.

A green golf cart on a Belco tilt trailer.

Standard Golf Cart Trailer

Our standard cart trailer features a large tailgate that folds down to become a stable loading ramp.

The tray can be tilted to create the perfect angle for driving your cart on and off the trailer.

A 2.1mm checker plate floor provides strength and additional grip for both your shoes, and your cart’s tyres.

The mud guards are also made from checkerplate and feature a step to assist with climbing on and off the trailer.

Full-length rails on three sides offer multiple tie-down points to secure your buggy during transport.


Enclosed Buggy Trailer

If there’s no room in the garage and you want to protect your buggy from the elements, an enclosed golf buggy trailer is the perfect solution.

There’s plenty of room inside to store both your buggy and your clubs, and the full-sized rear door makes loading and unloading a breeze.

The tailgate is spring-assisted to help you open and close it, and there’s a side door for easy access.

Additional features such as interior lighting, shelving and storage compartments are also available on request.

Not the trailer you were looking for?

As a custom trailer manufacturer, we can build a trailer that perfectly suits your requirements. Call or email us for more information.

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