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Multi-roller, tandem axle marine trailer, parked by a lake.

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Marine Trailers

Much of Belco’s early history was built upon the excellent reputation of our purpose-designed Marine & Boat Trailers.

Over the years we have honed and perfected our Marine Trailer designs, often in direct collaboration with the boat manufacturers themselves. As a result, our Marine Trailers are now among the most sought after in the country, with an impressive reputation for hardiness, durability and user-friendliness.

The key feature of our Marine Trailers is the vast range of customisable options you can choose from. No matter what kind of watercraft you are towing or launching – shallow draft, full draft, multi-hulled, full-keeled or anything else – a Belco trailer will fit it perfectly.

Boat Trailers

Sail Boat Trailers

Belco offers a range of Sail Boat Trailers to suit any type sail boat, from shallow-draft to full-draft and multihull. Featuring full keel support, hull side supports and drop keel frame supports, these trailers offer unparalleled support and stability to safely transport and launch any sail boat.

Multiroller Trailers

Designed for use with fibreglass and alloy boats, Belco’s range of Multiroller Trailers feature your choice of single or tandem axle, as well as easy drive-on loading. Suited to vessels up to 7.8m, our Multiroller Trailers also come in full keel ladder rack configuration with full side supports.

Tinnie Trailers

One of our original products, the Tinnie Trailer is suited to all makes and models of tinnies. With polished alloy wheels, LED lights, 2.1mm galvanised checker plate guards and your choice of options and accessories, Belco Tinnie Trailers are the boatie’s best friend.

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Jet Ski Trailers

Built with a Parallel Flange Channel frame for improved draining and ease of cleaning, our Jet Ski Trailers feature wobble rollers for easy launching, and come in either single or double configuration.

For longer trips, we offer our Skid Trailer, which features dual bunk skids to support your jet skis from front to back. Other features include mechanical disc brakes, polished alloy wheels and LED lights.

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Off Road Boat Trailers

Designed with rugged terrain and long distances in mind, Belco Off Road Boat Trailers feature adjustable shackle suspension and heavy-duty frames as standard.

For the more adventurous, there’s our Heavy Duty Trailer, which features a full keel ladder rack and long skids to keep your cargo secure on those long, challenging voyages, with the added option for independent air bag suspension, keel roller ladder rack, walkway and more.

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