3 bay motorbike trailer loaded with a green Kawasaki and blue Yamaha

Belco Motorbike Trailers

Belco motorbike trailers provide unmatched stability and protection for motorcycles, and are built to your specifications to perfectly fit the bikes you’re transporting.

Trailers for motorbikes big and small

Whether its for the racetrack, the outback or just for cruisin’, your custom bike trailer can be modified for ramp configuration, cages, enclosures, tool boxes and more.

For more information about the options available, contact us today.

Want a motorcycle trailer built to suit you?

Belco’s been building custom motorcycle trailers for many years. From standard open style to offroad and enclosed. We even build bike trailers with a roof-top tent for the ultimate camping trip. So if you have an idea for a trailer that you’d like brought to life, contact Belco.

Motorbike Trailers For Sale

Motorcycles come in various shapes and sizes, which is why we don’t stock generic motorbike trailers for sale. We custom-build your trailer to specifically suit your bikes, riding equipment, tow vehicle and individual needs.

So, whether you’re shopping for a dirt bike trailer for the weekends, an enclosed motorcycle trailer for custom bike shows, or a bike camper trailer featuring a roof-top-tent, Belco can help you choose the right trailer for the job.

Standard Motorbike Trailer

Our standard bike trailer features a heavy-duty checker plate floor and carries your choice of two road bikes, three dirt bikes or a combination of both.

Buillt using high-quality checkerplate steel and a fully-galvanised chassis, this trailer may even outlast the bikes you tow with it.

The loading ramp is conveniently stored under the floor and a variety of options make these motorbike trailers an ideal choice for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Extra features on this model include twin fuel storage compartments, a large toolbox, and a spare wheel and carrier.

Enclosed Motorbike Trailer

Secure your motorbikes and protect them from the weather with Belco’s enclosed motorbike trailer.

Featuring a pop-top roof with gas struts for plenty of head room and a full-sized tailgate that doubles as a loading ramp, you’ll have no trouble loading and unloading your bikes from this trailer.

This model also includes polished alloy wheels, LED lights and an optional spare wheel and carrier.

If you require an enclosed motorcycle trailer with additional features, or you have your own design in mind, give us a call. We’ll be happy to build it for you.

Dirt Bike Trailer

When you need to get your bikes into places a standard trailer won’t go, this heavy duty dirt bike trailer is the right choice.

With its larger box-section chassis, upgraded suspension and offroad wheels and tyres, this trailer provides the strength and stability you need when towing your bikes over rough terrain.

There’s three checkerplate channels to keep your bike’s front wheels firmly in place, and more than enough tie-down points around the chassis to secure up to three trail bikes.

Additional features often chosen for this trailer include a spare wheel and carrier, toolboxes, and storage for fuel drums.

Not the trailer you were looking for?

With over two decades of trailer manufacturing experience, Belco can build any style of trailer you’d like. Just give is a call and we’ll make it happen.

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Some of our previous motorcycle trailer builds include the following

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