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Plant & Commercial Trailers Built to Order

Belco Plant and Commercial Trailers come in an almost endless list of varieties and specifications, each of which is built to order and perfectly suited to the task at hand.

Catering for corporate, council, plant operator and trades clients, Belco’s Plant and Commercial trailers are designed from the ground up to accommodate for any requirement. While we design and build a number of basic models, every trailer is 100% customisable to your specific needs.

From pie vans to low loaders and everything in between, Belco Plant and Commercial trailers are the first choice for many public and private sector clients throughout Queensland and Australia.

Flat Bed Trailers

From 2.4 to 10m and available in single, tandem or tri-axle configuration, Belco’s Flat Bed Trailers can carry from 1.5 to 30 tonnes ATM, and feature over-ride mechanical, electric or air brakes.

Customise each feature and specification to your individual needs. Just ask – you can count on Belco to deliver.


Cable Jinkers

All Belco Cable Jinkers are self-loading, with up to 1.2T capacity on a single axle, 2.8T with tandem, and up to 12T for our off-road model.

We can modify your Cable Jinker to suit your requirements, or even build one from the ground up if need be.



Built upon a compact alloy single axle, Belco’s Bobcat and Excavator Trailers are designed for easy loading and loading, and for durable long-term use. These smaller units are rated to up to 9T ATM.

We also offer Bobcat and Excavator Trailers rated up to 30T ATM for larger equipment, and are able to custom-design or modify them to suit your specific needs.



With wooden or micro rubber-coated steel floors, Belco Roller Trailers are designed to be both hard-wearing and user-friendly.

Featuring long ramps and beaver tails for hassle-free loading, these trailers help minimise loading and unloading times while ensuring safe and simple operation. Customer orders are also available.



Whatever type of sign you are transporting, from roadside signs to LED units, our custom Sign Trailers are designed with ease of use and stability in mind.

With either winch or hydraulic operation, Belco Sign Trailers offer unmatched reliability and value. Fully customisable in every way, our trailers can carry any sign of any size.


Site Vans

Belco Site Vans are 100% custom built to your specifications to meet the needs of your site. From offices and lunch rooms to tool rooms and toilets, there is no Site Van we can’t design and build.

Constructed from fibreglass composite panel and fully equipped with anything from fridges and air conditioning to kitchen areas and solar lighting, Belco Site Vans offer reliable comfort in the harshest of conditions.



Belco’s range of Tilt Bed Mower Trailers are designed to accommodate most front mowers, along with fuel storage and tie downs, sign racks and blower boxes.

For more unique mowers, we are able to custom-design a Mower Trailer to suit, with a wide range of additional features and accessories to choose from.



Belco specialises in custom-designing and building unique, one-off trailers for highly specific uses – and our Generator Trailers are a great example of this.

Tailored to fit any make and model of generator that can be made mobile, our Generator Trailers provide safe, stable transport and deployment to suit any situation.