Roller Trailers

Belco 4.5 ton roller trailer carrying a yellow coloured CAT branded CB24 roller

Belco Roller Trailers offer easy loading and reliable transport for compactors

With a Belco roller trailer your utility compactor can be safely and reliably transported to and from each project.

Our fully customisable roller trailers feature wooden or micro rubber-coated steel floors that are both hard-wearing and user-friendly.

With long ramps and beaver tails for hassle-free loading, these compactor trailers help minimise loading and unloading times, while ensuring safe and simple operation.

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How long will it take to build a roller trailer?

All custom roller trailer builds have a:
  • Lead time of 4-8 weeks (Fast-tracked builds are available if urgent)
  • 4 year structural warranty (proper rated usage)
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on components
  • Free 3 month service check
  • Maintenance book and manual provided

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